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About Us

We’re a digital experience development agency

As a Member, You Design Your Journey to be Your Way

Everyone's wellness journey is different. Connect with the interventions that fit your lifestyle and gain complete transparency into your progress and data with real-time summaries, analytics and timely alerts to ensure that no goal is left unattained. Your progress is defined by you .... "How can we help you be healthy today"?

Profile & Programs

In your profile you're able to determine goals and your vision for your healthy lifestyle. To help guide and motivate you on your journey, we connect your goals with healthy activities that can be celebrated and rewarded throughout the progressions of your self-defined healthy lifestyle journey. We connect your healthy activities to eligible programs from which you may be eligible to receive benefits and/or rewards. These benefits and rewards programs range from insurance, Medicare, Corporate Wellness, as well as company or insurance activity submission programs. With the information you provide, we will assist in finding rewards and benefits you may not know you were eligible for.

"We'll help you receive the benefits and rewards
you should receive."


By connecting your accounts, we help guide you along your journey and self-defined progress through the aggregation of data from ALL of your connected accounts. We know one device or piece of equipment isn't made for everyone, so we've integrated with leading companies, covering 90% of the consumer wearable device market and connected at-home devices like bikes, treadmills, rowers, strength equipment and more. The more we can track your activity - whether at home, outside or at a fitness location - the more rewards and incentives you may be able to accumulate towards your eligible rewards/benefit programs!

"Together we can maximize your the benefits
and rewards you get."

Location Check-In

Check-in provides you with contactless location entry. With the tap of your mobile device on our proprietary VeriTap device (at participating locations), your check-in is seamlessly recorded in real-time. That same tap on our VeriTap device will ensure your information is validated, collected, and reported to any program that you've enabled.

"Let's get you Rewards and Benefits
for your Check-ins."

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Activity & Analysis

Your activity is aggregated daily into a Healthy Activities Report allowing you to visualize your progress along your journey. We also allow you to visualize your habits weekly and monthly to understand achievements and patterns. As data is gathered through your healthy behaviors, we pair it with your healthy lifestyle journey vision and informational responses to better understand you and assist in recommending interventions that can keep you motivated and excited along your journey.

"As your healthy lifestyle Concierge, how can
we help you be healthy today."


At Concierge Health, we believe motivations help keep you committed to your journey. Completing one or more challenges allows you to gain a sense of community and self-accomplishment. We provide you with new and exciting opportunities to stay healthy and challenged while earning rewards. Gaining that amazing feeling of accomplishment can be a challenge among friends or as your own personal goal. Completing a virtual challenge is always a great way to get active and earn a physical medal of accomplishment through Concierge Health. In addition to Concierge Health challenges, participating in partner-specific challenges from one of our network partners connects you with others within communities where you work, live, and stay active.

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VeriTap is the solution that will save you time
and money to focus on what's important -
your members.

Data Collection is our Business, Integrity is our foundation. It’s your data. Never Shared. Always Protected.

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