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Rewards & Benefit Programs

What we can do for you…

Concierge Health has cleared a path for your Program strategy, providing foundational components to create efficient operations and evolutionary services. Our system replaces the chaos of managing multiple vendor data sources with one connected experience and process flow, bringing more value and greater flexibility, while reducing strain on your IT team. We have a full suite of structural functionalities and can provide end-to-end solutions from eligibility verification to rewards/reimbursement distributions.

How we do it…

Our Data Processing Engine and Program API allows us to customize the data based on your Program(s) rules and normalize the data for easy absorption by your platform. Our Program API is customized to your platform and can automate eligibility validation and data reporting.

The VeriTap™ device allows your Program to add locations without operational objections from operators or integration needs by your IT team. The VeriTap™ device eliminates the burden of validating eligibility and provides seamless entry and communication of specific program features to visitors. It also helps provide clean, pre-validated, easy-to-process reports.

Our Partner API integration allows digitally connected platform Brands to easily provide their content and services to Program member communities and normalizes and processes member data to seamlessly report it in a clean, absorbable format to process quickly.


  • Locational check-in data tagged with Near-Field coordinates.
  • Digital partner integrations for increased member engagement opportunities.
  • Real-Time interoperability and data processing with optional ACH reimbursement payment to Brand Partners.
  • A simplified solution with foundational functionality for easier implementation and operations.
  • High value solution at an economical cost.

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