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What we can do for your location…

Concierge Health has created a revolutionary technology solution that incorporates a simple method for your guests to access eligible benefits while working out at your on-site Fitness Centers (or with your in-room connected fitness equipment). Concierge Health has an impressive track record at gyms, athletic clubs, studios, fitness centers and community centers nationwide. It is only natural for us to branch out into the world of Hospitality to not only offer your guests this new and innovative amenity that has NEVER BEFORE been utilized in the Hospitality industry, but also to enhance your wellness initiatives and increase the attraction to your property versus your competition..

How we do it…

VeriTap is a revolutionary device created by leaders in the fitness industry to help resolve issues impacting revenue maximization and operational demands. With a simple tap on the VeriTap device, member data is validated and securely transmitted in real-time. VeriTap simplifies the Medicare, Corporate and other TPA program processes by having one solution for multiple programs.


  • Large selection of features allows you to operate within your Brand/Property guidelines.
  • High value solution at a low cost.
  • Check-in data tagged with Near Field coordinates (no WiFi or power required).
  • Digital partner integrations.
  • Real-Time interoperability and data processing.
  • A simplified solution.

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