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Challenges.  By definition, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, a challenge can mean many things.  It can mean a “difficult job”- something that needs great mental or physical effort in order to be done successfully and therefore tests a person’s ability.  It can also mean a “competition”- something that competes with you or is a THREAT.  In this world where challenges are arising every day and we humans, on some days, are fighting just to survive the madness, wouldn’t it be nice to see challenges that are POSITIVE and ENGAGING?

We’re in a world now that craves personal mental and physical wellness.  We’ve also shifted to a virtual world, as many of us long for that connection with others, something that once was so easy to fulfill face to face.  So… where do we go from here?

We, at Concierge Health, believe that the key to personal mental and physical wellness is to create positive challenges- virtually- where anyone and everyone can participate.  Regardless of ability- whether you’re a top athlete or the average exerciser… heck, even a self-prescribed couch potato. Whether you prefer to fly solo or you’re a social butterfly- engaging in positive virtual physical challenges is key to your physical and, more importantly, your mental wellness.  

So if you see virtual challenges out there- whether a self-challenge to complete a virtual hike to Machu Picchu, or a friendly group challenge to ride with friends old and new through the hills of Italy- jump on to the challenge bandwagon and notice your shift in confidence, mood, motivation, and all-around wellness.

Challenges no longer need to be competition by THREAT.  The world has enough of that.  Join a virtual challenge that will leave you wanting more and feeling satisfied that you completed your challenge at your own pace, regardless if you placed first or last.  You’ll have a community of supporters around you that will cheer for you for simply completing your challenge.  And maybe… just maybe… you’ll feel motivated to complete a more difficult challenge or another virtual challenge through a beautiful town or city.  Maybe you’ll feel a part of something bigger.  Maybe you’ll finally feel a sense of community that you haven’t felt for a long time.  Whatever the case may be, you won’t know until you try.  So go on now- join that challenge that you’ve been eyeballing (or dreading).  And get ready to experience those shifts and changes that you’ve been waiting for.  You have nothing to lose.  You got this!

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