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Concierge Health.
Concierge Health is a revolutionary platform that seamlessly connects members with a plethora of healthy activity partners and automates real-time data movement to benefit programs providing value to members, partners and programs alike. GET OUR APP
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& Benefits.
Concierge Health has created a unique way for you to see all of your activities in one place as well as maximizing your rewards and benefits you may not know you have. GET OUR APP
From real-time member verifications to streamlined partner payments for your location- its a difference you and your team will feel from day one. GET OUR APP
Concierge Health has a clear path for your wellness strategy. Our system replaces the chaos of multiple vendor integrations with one connected experience that brings more value to the program and your members. GET OUR APP
Expand healthy lifestyles

What We Do

Concierge Health is a technology platform that, with the use of our proprietary VeriTap device, reaches through several different industries to provide engagement solutions and benefit opportunities along an individual’s wellness journey, catered completely to each industry. From in-club data collection and reimbursement platforms to Multi-Family and Senior Living onsite Fitness Center benefits, our revolutionary technology was designed to encourage, improve and expand healthy lifestyle’s in an all-inclusive format.

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